Monkey's life

Friday, November 05, 2004

This is monkey

Hello people.


Thas me!!! I'm a Multi cultural Organism that came into sad existence when two members of society decided to fuck around after valentines day of 1986.

Sad thing they didn't knowm what a little inoccent sex would do. Create me!!!

Well monkeys dad now lives in the u.k. with monkey's half sister, and dad's "partner". He seemed to do a pretty good houdini escape act when he found out 3 months later what his dick did. Mum's still around, though after putting up with 16 years of me put me in boarding. Love you too ma.

Well here i am, THE CURSE!!!

A totally perverted, poetic, hacking phreak, cute, talented, artistic and lonley cute little African-Irish Monkey.